Dave Luxton is a producer, electronic musician, composer and guitarist based in the Pacific Northwest, USA. He's a classically trained musician whose diverse compositions span multiple genres to include guitar-oriented compositions, cinematic filmscores, and ambient soundscapes. As a recording artist, he is internationally known for his work in the ambient Spacemusic genre. His albums have been featured on nationally syndicated radio shows such as Hearts of Space, Musical Starstreams, and Star’s End. He is also the founder of the Pacific Northwest based Wayfarer Records label and has produced albums for numerous artists including Boreal Taiga and Daren Keck. Dave is also a professor, author, and clinical psychologist.

Dave Luxton

DISCOGRAPHY (Studio Albums)

Acoustic Artifacts Vol 1.
Hidden Music
Futurus (with Aaron Gates)
The Divided Line
When the World Was Young
Dreams Ghosts and Parallel Universes
Music From The Firmament
Singularity in Sound
Collected Ambient Works
Fuzzy Music
Strange Environs
Music for Science and Stargazing
Ascent of Being
Phantom Circuits
Explorations of Infinity
Collected Ambient Works II
After the Epoch
Behind The Machine (Soundtrack to the Novel)
Dream Sequence


Ambient Hub 2012
Sonic Frontiers 1
Space Rock: The Compilation (S4G Records)
Oceans (S4G Records)
Klang! (Intelligent Machinery)
Ambient Music to Heal: An Album for Our Wounded Warriors

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