Stratocaster #1 (aka "Minty" because of her green/blue finish). She is an American Standard Stratocaster with a 1996 Anniv. neck and a 1999 body (not a pool route). I built this guitar after finding the neck--I love the neck on this guitar. I've added a Dimarzio PAF Pro in the bridge (has vintage style pole pieces) and a Dimarzio Area 67 in the neck. Standard American Strat pick-up in the middle. To hear and see it click [here].

Stratocaster #2 (aka "Baby"). I have had this 1989 American Standard since high school. She has traveled everywhere. I have an 80s Dimarzio PAF in the bridge and an HS-2 in the neck. I have also added a coil tap for both the bridge and neck pickups. Both Strat #1 and #2 have TBX tone controls. This guitar is one of the best sounding out of the bunch. To hear and see it click [here].

1990 American standard Fender telecaster. One piece alder body! My favorite tele!







This is my 1993 Les Paul Classic. She has a nice flame maple top and a solid one piece mahogony back. I have upgraded her with a bone nut, era correct truss rod cover, Sprague Orange Drop caps, and Gibson Classic 57' pickups. The 1990 to early 1993 LP Classics were the best in the 1960 Classic series in my opinion.

2004 Les Paul Standard Plus in Light Burst. Has nice flamed maple top! Wonderful tone with this one! To hear and see it click [here].

1998 Gibson Les Paul Special.







1973 Gibson Gospel. This was my 17th year birthday present from my loving parents. Has a maple neck, back, and sides, unlike the late 90s reissue. The back has a slight bowled contour. Also has an ebony fretboard. I had it refretted with Gibson jumbos.Listen to it [here].

Gibson CL-35 Deluxe (circa 1998). This is my main acoustic guitar. She has beautiful green abalone inlays around the sound hole and clover like inlays on the fret board. Bubinga back and sides. I also added an active pickup. listen to it [here].

Hohner Classical hand made in Japan (circa late 1970s or early 1980s). This is an exceptional sounding nylon string with a solid cedar top.







Peavey P/Jazz bass (made in the USA). Has active pickups. I use this for recording. Has the neck profile of a Fender Jazz bass. Hear it [here].

Takamine EAN60C. This cutaway nylon string beauty was made in Japan and has a solid cedar top and mahogany neck. Sounds great plugged in. Watch me play it [here].

Heartfield Talon II (Fender made in Japan). This speed demon features 24 jumbo frets, Floyd Rose Original Tremelo and Dimarzio pickups. Although I don't really prefer to play shredder guitars these days, I love the neck profile on this thing. Listen to this guitar [here].







Made in Japan Ibanez SCA. This one has the Fender style tremelo. These are great guitars!

Ibanez SCA 220. Made in Japan year 2000 model. Mahogany body. Has unique 25.1" scale length. This guiter sounds great and has endless sustain that rivals the Les Paul. To hear and see it click [here].

Ibanez RG3120 Prestige. Made in Japan year 2000 model.  Flame maple top and mahogany body. This is a well made and great sounding guitar. This guitar has the stock Dimarzio Tone Zone bridge pickup and PAF Pro neck pickup. I'm impressed with the Tone Zone pickup in this guitar - vintage PAF clarity and warmth with a nice kick in the low end!







 Mid 1990s Fender Made in Japan XII. Listen [here]

Washburn D-13S. features solid spruce top. This is my "take it to the beach" acoustic.

My 2012 "Little Martin" traveler guitar.







Ibanez Soundgear SR800 Bass made in Japan.

Fender HM Strat (made in USA). This 1990 24 fret HM Strat has a stock Dimarzio pickup in the bridge and Fender single coils in the neck and middle positions. The HM series has a wider and flatter neck than on any other Fender that I've played.

1950s Fender Stratocaster Reissue ST57 Made in Japan. Candy Apple Red.  1957 specs: one piece maple neck, vintage tremolo, Kluson style vintage tuners, etc. Has Fender Custom Shop pickups installed.







Orville (Gibson Japan) Les Paul Gold-Top. Features the sought after long neck tenon joint (the neck wood extends far into the body for added sustain). This feature is found on the original 1950s Les Pauls and current Historics. Original Orville PAFs. SOLD!

1991 Ibanez RG-550 (made in Japan). It is metallic salmon in color (not pink, really).The color was in during the spandex and Aquanet era of Rock. These MIJ Ibanez guitars are very well made--very fast neck, 24 frets, and Lo - Pro trem. SOLD!

Year 2000 Gibson Les Paul Classic. Heritage Cherry Sunburst finish. The carved maple top also has a light flame to it and it looks great.  Has the 1960s slim taper neck. The pickups are a Seymour Duncan 59 in the neck and a Pearly Gates in the bridge. SOLD!


This American Fender Deluxe Telecaster is one of the most beautiful electric guitars in the arsenal. She is one of my main performance guitars. (Sold!)

Washburn D1997 (Limited Edition 1997). One of 2000 made. Solid spruce top, mahogany (could be sapele) back and sides, and bound fretboard. Not a bad sounding guitar but nothing like a Gibson! SOLD!

1992 Heartfield RR59. This is a cool set neck guitar if you can get your hands on one!SOLD!


1980s Made in Japan Tokai Strat.SOLD!

Tokai Classical guitar made in Japan. This guitar is for sale. SOLD!

2007 Paul Reed Smith Ash Special.

Images Copyright Dave Luxton. Use by permission only.