Audio Mastering Workshop

Date: Thursday, November 17, 2022

Time: 5:30pm PST

Message Dave on Facebook @DaveLuxtonMusic for late registration!

Description: This workshop is for amateur and semi-pro musicians and producers with a DIY (do it yourself) spirit. You will learn how to prepare your mixes for final mastering and how to use the power of your DAW (digital workstation) and audio mastering software to render pro-quality masters for online streaming, digital downloads, and physical formats.

Participants will become knowledgeable of the following:

1. Audio theory basics (volume, sampling/bit rates, headroom, and more

2. How to use the tools you already have to prepare your mixes and master audio

3. Audio mastering standards in the modern era.

4. Other need-to-know tricks of the trade.

Instructor: Dave Luxton

ZOOM link will be provided. Please register below. You will receive instructions in my newsletter.

Cost: Free to attend