My production studio is nestled just outside of the beautiful city of Olympia Washington among tall evergreens and in walking distance from the Puget Sound. My studio provides me with a perfect tranquil setting for composing and recording music.

My digital audio workstations are PC based (Intel processor PCs with multiple SATA drives). I primarily use Steinberg Cubase 5, Sony Vegas, and Sound Forge. I have a selection of analog, tube, and digital compressors, and several quality condenser and cardioid dynamic mics made by RODE, Shure, and E/V. Acoustic treatment is made by GIK Acoustics. I use Mogami cables throughout.

For instruments I have racks of MIDI controlled analog/digital synths by Alesis, EMU, Ensoniq, Kawai, Korg, and Roland as well as a few vintage synth keyboards in the studio. I primarily use M-Audio Axiom keyboard MIDI controllers. I also have an extensive set of high-end virtual softsynths and effects plug-ins as well as a very large library of digital audio samples. Below are some photos of my studio gear.


Dave Luxton keyboards

Made in Italy Roland PC-200mkII MIDI keyboard that I've owned since 1994. The other keyboard is an Ensoniq SD-1 made in the USA. I also use m-Audio Axiom keyboard controllers.

Dave Luxton MIDI controllers

Studio shot showing Steinberg Cubase and an M-Audio Axiom 61 keyboard controller.

Dave Luxton studio rack gear

ART Tube pre-amp/compressor, effects, etc.

Dave Luxton's synthesizers

Rack of synths, effects, and power amp, etc. Hardware synths include E-Mu Proteus 1, 2 and 2000, Roland SC-880, JV-2080 with expansion modules, Korg Wavestation SR, Korg MS2000BR, Kawai K1r, Alesis Micron, and an Ensoniq SD-1.

More rack synth gear.

Roland Boutique Series JU-06 (recreation of the original Juno 106). I also own a Roland D05, a recreation of the legendary D-50 linear synthesizer.

Made in USA Mackie SR24-4.

Assortment of amps in the studio: Peavey Classic 30 (w/ Celestion Vintage 30 speaker), Marshall TSL 60 Combo, Marshall AS50R, and Marshall TSL 60 Head w/vintage reissue 1960ax cab w/reissue celestion Greenbacks installed.

I have a great collection of electric and acoustic guitars in the studio to cover all styles of music.

This is my custom built effects pedal board. The Dunlop Wah pedal also includes a volume pedal and boost circuit. I use George L cables, which have solid wire cores). I have a collection of other distortion pedals that I occasionally use, such as this 1980s Rat (for that Jeff Beckian fuzz tone). Still have a Boss GT-3 from 2001.

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